Mission Trips

Pray for our team September 7th - 17th as they minister to the men (and families) of Nova Scotia. Pray for traveling mercies and for hearts to be won to Christ!

Kentucky Update:
On June 10-17, seventeen students and adults traveled to Bardstown KY for our annual mission trip.  This year’s trips was very unique for several reasons.  First, we had 11 people who had never been on this mission trip and many of them were middle schoolers.  Second, we were doing some   projects we had never done before and the amount of work we were trying to accomplish was daunting.  But I want you to know how faithful God was during our trip.
There was more unity and sacrificial giving during this trip than any other mission trip I have been on.  I had students who were tired and worn down, asking me to go to church early so they could prepare for the evenings VBS.  Adults and young men worked together in harmony to put in flooring and shovel dirt, each with a smile on their faces. Middle schoolers were taking responsibility and preparing lessons so that kids could hear the Gospel. And God used our efforts to strengthen a church and to reach adults and children with the Gospel.
In all this I am reminded that God graciously provides for his people when they are on mission for Him.  All we can say is that God provided for His people and He continues to bring about His Kingdom.  We give Him all the glory for this past week and we thank you for your prayers and donations.

Jamaica Update

The Jamaica 2017 team consisted of 14 willing servants. We went to Jamaica to serve and we did but we came home changed! 
We were able to visit and share God's love as well as tangible items with some of the forgotten. The joy they felt was contagious. We had a VBS for children that by US standards fall way below the poverty line. They literally walked uphill both ways and were so excited to be in church.
Jamaicans want to be worshiping God not just going through the motions. They have a fire we lack. I want that hunger!! I truthfully can say I have never had it. Church has been a part of my life for my entire life. It's something I take for granted just like hot water and decent plumbing. So I challenge you along with myself to seek that relationship with Christ that consumes you. A love you can't take for granted. 
Thank you to all that supported us. You support made a difference in the Jamaicans and the Americans!                                                          GO. BE. LOVE.

We look forward to hearing an update about the 2017 trip.

West Virginia
We look forward to hearing an update about the 2017 trip.