What Shout?

What is SHOUT PMI?

Shout is a way of bringing generations together in the local church.  Through this program the adults in the church will be consistently praying for the youth in the church.  Each adult that signs up for Shout will recieve an information packet on one youth in the church.  They will then daily and consistently pray for that youth until he or she graduates from college or gets married.

Though it is a program, it is not like your typical program.  We are getting back to the basics.  We are going to shout to God on behalf of a generation that needs Him.  Kids are going through some of the most difficult temptations and problems of any generation.  Whether it is divorce, drugs, suicide, premarital sex or any other temptation that is on the rise, we will bring our voices before the Lord and call on Him to save this generation.

Please sign up on October 18th after our Sunday morning Shout service.

Will you Shout for them?